The Study & Work in Japan Program is a well-structured process that guides all applicants in an orderly manner, to eventually live and work in Japan . Currently we are offering this service only to students in Bangladesh. The process begins with a candidate’s formal application with us, and continues until their first day of study and work. All accepted applicants undergo language and job job training to ensure that they can adapt quickly in Japan. We also arrange for proper housing and orientation they arrive in Japan. A student can legally work up to 40 hours every week, as a part-time worker. In most cases the school provides assistance to students in this regard.


Application documents for the Study & Work in Japan Program are typically as follows:

  1. Copy of the Birth Certificate (officially attested)
  2. Copy of Passport (all pages)
  3. Relationship Certificate (to indicate the relationship between the applicant and the financial sponsor)
  4. Proof of Japanese Language Training (Record of learning Japanese Language in Bangladesh: Hours, Course Contents, Certificates etc.)
  5. Educational Certificates and Mark Sheets
  6. Job Experience Certificates (if any)
  7. Financial Sponsor’s Documents: Work Certificate, Income and Savings Certificate and Bank Statement (most recent, issued by the bank)
  8. Financial Sponsor’s Guarantee Letter (With signature of the Guarantor)
  9. The School’s Application Form for Admission, Financial Sponsor’s Guarantee Letter (With signature of the Guarantor) and Curriculum Vitae of Applicant.


Step 1: Prepare all necessary application documents, and submit to Sadiatec.
Step 2: Sadiatec submits the application documents to the school selected by the applicant.
Step 3: The school submits documents to Japanese Immigration Authorities for review.
Step 4: Immigration Bureau of Japan notifies the result of the application.
Step 5: If successful, the Japanese school sends the Certificate of Eligibility to the school.
Step 6: The applicant transfers the necessary funds to the school.
Step 7: The school sends the Certificate of Eligibility to the applicant.
Step 8: The applicant reserves a one-way trip to Japan (Reservation only, payment after visa approval).
Step 9: The applicant appears for visa interview at the Japan Embassy with Certificate of Eligibility and Flight Reservation Slip.
Step 10: The applicant is granted a student visa for Japan. Airline ticket is confirmed and paid for.
Step 11: The applicant flies to Japan. Sadiatec staff receives applicant at the airport and accompanies him/her to prearranged housing.
Step 12: Applicant begins new student life in Japan.


To improve the chances of academic success or getting part-time jobs, the applicant is highly recommended to enroll in the Japanese Language Course provided by Sadiatec. After successful completion of the course, the students will be able to conduct daily conversations and basic reading and writing of Japanese text.

– Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji (300 alpbabets).
– Japanese greetings and expressions.
– Basic Japanese Lessons (from assigned text book).

Learning Materials:
– Minna No Nihongo 1 (Main Text Book)
– Various Audiovisual CDs and DVDs (Japanese Clips, Movies etc.)

Course Duration:
– 150 Hours (3-days a week).
– Classes on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the course material, teachers, or fees. You can also schedule a trial class with us!