International Calling Cards are the indisputable flagship products of Sadiatec, since 2005. Thousands of people use our cards every day to call abroad. We provide some of the most affordable calling rates, for over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Prepaid Cards

These cards contain pre-installed credits and can be used to make calls immediately. Once the credit becomes zero, the card(s) cannot be reused (Single-Use Only). To purchase a prepaid international calling card, please inquire at a Halal Food Store near you or alternatively use the Order/Inquiry Form on this page (below).

Smartpit Rechargeable Cards

These cards contain no credits at the time of purchase. They must be charged before use from a Smart Pit-affiliated convenience store in Japan. Rechargeable cards have no expiration dates and can be reused numerous times. All rechargeable cards of Sadiatec contain the Smart Pit Technology of NTT Communciations Ltd. To charge your card, please take it to the nearest convenience store and ask the counter staff. Shop logos are displayed on the card. To order a Sadiatec Smart Pit Card (of 2000, 3000 and 5000 credits) use the Order/Inquiry Form on this page (below).

  1. Smart Pit Technology Support 24 hour payment /balance recharge system.
  2. Convenience Stores that support Smart Pit payment systems.
  3. Dialer App Icon for Android & iPhone. Freely download, install and register before use.
  4. Minimum Smart Pit Charge / Credit. e.g. Pay 2000 Yen to get 2000 credits.

How to Use Our International Calling Cards

Users can call from a phone directly or also through apps for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Access numbers for calling overseas. There are several types depending on the calling device. Some options do not incur any access charge.
  2. Dialer App download tips. For use on smartphones with Internet/WiFi access. Call rates are relatively cheaper than traditional phones/mobiles.
  3. Language options for Voice guidance for direct calls from phones and mobiles using a carrier network.
  4. Username required during App Registration (in Android & iPhones).
  5. Card No./ Password required during App Registration (in, Android & iPhones).



Some Access Numbers (Non-Free & KDDI-IP) incur charges for access.

Dialer Software / App

To view the current call rates and to download the necessary dialer software, please click below: